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Gwen started his career as a Journalist-Producer in France where he worked for several Media and TV companies. Eventually becoming a business owner, he was looking for new opportunities and Miami the city of dreams called to him to cross the Atlantic. It was the beginning of the Salon and Spa adventure. Now involved in all aspects of the Salon management, he focuses especially on providing a clear direction for the Salon’s marketing and communication strategy. His philosophy is that the client always comes first and hiring talented and experienced technicians is the only way to ensure the very best in quality services throughout the years. Gwen’s drive for excellence ensures clients enjoy their experience, feel pampered and are satisfied of every visit at the Salon & Spa.

Betsy Jullienne took a roundabout way to end up in charge of the Salon’s general management, wedding and beauty services, while overseeing all digital production. After completing a PhD degree in Oncology in France, Betsy came to the United States for a postdoctoral position in the Miami Project at Jackson Hospital. Two years later, she decided to stop and reorient her career to work in Gwen’s company. She has since built and developed strong customer relationships and created a solid reputation in Miami’s downtown area for the quality of services offered at the Salon and Spa. Betsy spearheaded the medical spa concept that aims primarily to improve health by listening to and customizing each treatment for her devoted clientele at the Spa. Her background in biology makes her uniquely qualified to help each client, making them feel and look their very best

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Taking a space that had been empty for 15 years and converting it into the new Salon was no easy feat. With the goal of creating a place where guests can relax in luxury, the big wide open space lined with windows would provide brightness, sunlight and warmth.

Divided into 3 distinct spaces, each reserved for its specialized services, the Salon feels spacious yet cosy. The area behind the reception is reserved for the spa rooms where clients can enjoy their body and skin treatments in comfort and privacy. The second area is the manicure and pedicure room where the old fashion French chairs set the tone for a regal atmosphere of bliss connected to the other rooms, yet its own discreet, quiet and hushed cocoon. Finally the hair salon area, with its deep rich woods and reflective mirrors let in light and street views, where guests sit back and enjoy the feeling of modern exclusivity. The result represents Gwen and Betsy’s vision of simple opulence wrapped in lots of love.


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Gwen and Betsy base their philosophy on having experienced the beauty spa as clients. They know what matters to a guest and what ensures their continued business. Every team member of the Salon is an experience professional with a minimum of 10 years experience. All services performed are guaranteed even a week after the service and any correction or intervention required is completely free of charge. All team members are fully aware of this policy and support it completely, this is also why all products are tested by the team before they are used or recommended. If a guest has any concern about their service or the products used, they are listened to and steps are immediately taken to address the issue.

Because Betsy and Gwen understand that every client’s needs are unique and require special attention, consultations are free and never rushed. Expectations and desires of the clients are what everyone at the  Salon aims to satisfy, and if they feel that the client’s health, body or hair could be adversely affected by a requested treatment, they will discuss this in detail to ensure that all the information and risks are considered before beginning a treatment.

The entire team believes that your health and well-being should come first and basing our client relationships on honesty and trust is the best policy.

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Choosing the name LeeLou for the Salon’s rebranding was a matter close to Betsy and Gwen’s hearts. They named their daughter LeeLou for the 5th element – Love in the movie of the same name by Luc Besson. The logo uses the symbol for the 4th element in the movie. In this choice, the Salon is very much like their first child, a product of hard work and lots of love. Love is what holds the LeeLou’s family together and why you can always find happiness and comfort in this place like home.

Be sure to visit us for your next service and join the Leelou family.